‚ústHelped 1,000+ clients¬†turn their personal story into global change

‚úď Booked¬†two TEDx Talks in¬†two months (my most recent talk has more than a million views)

‚úď Our team¬†helped¬†six entrepreneurs go from zero to 7 figures in two years¬†using media visibility + strategic marketing

I was on TV for most of my adult life. I’ve gone live in front of millions. I've spoken on stages in front of thousands. 

Then one day I got sick. Really sick. Five painful years later, I got gentle with my nervous system, supported my mental health and shared some tough love with my ego.

I realized I could spend my life trying to become the next Oprah and create the "Me, me, me show"

... OR...

I could empower thousands of leaders --heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you-- to understand and harness the power of story and media so that TOGETHER we can bring a more honest and healing energy into the world. 


After being pitched on average of 25x a day for more than a decade, here’s what I know for sure:

  1. Everyone has a story
  2. Almost no one knows how to sell it 

In order to become the leader you’re called to be, other people have to buy into your message which means, you have to know how to sell it across different platforms. 

You also deserve to create a lucrative business from that message. 

Let me help you get there!

Ready to unlock your signature story & turn it into a global movement?

We've all heard the saying "make it rain" $$ -but creating even the biggest rainstorm without the right buckets to catch it will only get you so far...


ONE: Help you clarify your message on different platforms, including stages, podcasts + social media - for IMPACT (let's make it rain)

TWO: Together, we align + maximize your business structure for INCOME to fill those buckets

THREE: This is where the magic happens! I guide you in propelling your VISIBILITY for the momentum that feeds both

If you can build your dream alone, you're not dreaming big enough.







Humaning is hard. Sharing your story helps. I speak around the world about how to harness your personal, messy, honest story to create global movements and why together, sharing these stories might just be the most impactful thing we can ever do. 


Media Visibility Course

Create the movement & business of your dreams

I'm so in!

TEDx Course

Share YOUR message on the world's largest stage

Let's do this!

Signature Story Course

Craft your core message to serve & stand out.

I have a story worth sharing!

Dear Movement Maker, you are a...






We are the leaders called to something greater.

We are the movement makers.

We are bold and brilliant and brave. Together, we are changing the world.

Who are you if not the same? Won’t you join us? 

How to Build a Thriving Business & Global Movement all from your Personal Story (without the big following, crazy money or a ton of time)


Once you unlock your unique signature story you can share it to:

  • land top global podcasts & be a viral guest
  • become a global keynote speaker
  • organically grow your social media following
  • write your sales pages
  • sell out of programs


In this masterclass you will learn:

  1. What is the difference between a story, a message and a movement?
  2. How do you pick which stories to share?
  3. What’s the single way to create deep and powerful engagement?
  4. Which media visibility strategies are working best in 2021?


Valued at $197 but you can have instant access today for just $27.

See you inside! 


Reverse Engineer

your Story

Work backwards & perfectly craft your signature story to turn it into your message

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Speaker One Sheet


The first step towards sharing your story and message all around the world. 

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